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Your inner ballerina

3 Nov

First position, pink tutu’s, satin slippers, plié, Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky, tendu…

Ballet is so stylish and good for your figure. And since Black Swan, it’s all the rage again!

I used to take ballet when I was little. And this trimester, I decided to put on my tutu again. We didn’t have class this week because of vacation, so I browsed Youtube to find some ballet class- and dreammaterial.

Here’s some of the videos I found. Enjoy!



Ballet class

Dancescenes “Adult ballet dvd” series is a great workout. They have plies, battement tendus, battement glisses, stretches and more. Good stuff.


tells you how to do stretches. But warm up first!


has some great tips to improve your flexibility. Not only for cheerleading. Now, I just wish I could do this.


Dream on

The Anaheim ballet Youtube channel is really a must-see. So go watch it!


This is how pointe shoes are (un)made. I never danced on pointes. When is it too late to start?

I don’t care that she didn’t do all of the ballet scenes, you can’t expect anybody to become a professional ballerina in just a year. Kudos to Natalie, Mila and Sarah Lane.


Quick shoe fix

30 Aug

I absolutely LOVE my red heels. They are soooo pretty and comfortable, with a small heel that keeps you running around all day long without pain. The label says “IDEAL”, I found them at Appel’s. And at only €15, they came very cheap.

The catch? They’re not very durable. I’m a person that tends to destroy even very good and/or pricy shoes just by wearing them. So when these heels met the parking lot at work, it started.


The result?

So… ripped not-so-leather heel cover, lots of dents and the plastic tip is basically gone.

I needed to fix this, at least make them wearable again, because I am SO not ready to part with these great shoes.


The tools:

A free nailpolish that came with a magazine, needle and thread. All in a -somewhat- matching colour. Stitch any large loose pieces back together and finish with the polish.


And tadá:

Not perfect. But I never had any ambition to be a shoemaker anyway. The point is, I’ll be able to wear these a little longer! I will need to get the tips replaced anyhow, the right foot starts to sound kinda metalic. People start to stare at me when they hear me walking. :s


DIY: the quiche

13 Aug

What you need:

– Ready made quiche crust

– Any filling you like. I used 1/2 butternut squash, 2 carrots, 1 shallot, 1 courgette, 1/4 broccoli and some soy chunks. You can add bacon or other meats, but that’s not my kinda thing.

– 3 eggs

– Some milk and double cream (I didn’t really measure it)

– Cheese (I used Emmental)

– Herbs and spices


How you do it:

Stick the crust in a round cake tray, pierce slightly with a fork. Sauté or blanch the veggies, throw in the soy, season with whatever spices you want. Put the filling in the crust. Mix the eggs, milk and double cream until it’s a bit foamy. Pour into the tray and cover with cheese. Place in a preheated oven (200°C) for 20-30 minutes. Bon appétit!

Dramatic eyes

9 Aug

If you love dramatic eye makeup, you need to check this out.

MissChievous is a professional makeup artist from Switzerland. She has some amazing tutorials, she knows what products to use and where to get them. And she’s also very pretty. A must-see!


You can also check out her

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MizzChievouz

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MizzChievouz

Blog: http://www.misschievous.tv/


Have fun!

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