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Forever 21 Antwerp

3 Sep

American clothing retailer Forever 21 celebrated the opening of it’s Belgian flagship store in Antwerp today. The first Belgian (and European) store was already located in Brussels, but it seems like Antwerp got the sweetest deal after all. The Antwerp store is about 2000 sqm bigger than the other!

Press and some bloggers got an exclusive preview on august 29th allready, so check out their partypics and envy!

I didn’t make it to the opening, so I will be visiting Antwerp some time in the future for a modest shopping haul. Some of the places that are on my “must see” list are Forever 21 (obviously!) , Steve Madden (love those!), Loubouton (eyecandy!), Planet Parfum or Instant Spa (OPI!).

Are you addicted to a shop in Antwerp? Did I leave out your “hidden gem”? Have you been to Antwerp and what did you love most? Tell me!


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