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DIY: the quiche

13 Aug

What you need:

– Ready made quiche crust

– Any filling you like. I used 1/2 butternut squash, 2 carrots, 1 shallot, 1 courgette, 1/4 broccoli and some soy chunks. You can add bacon or other meats, but that’s not my kinda thing.

– 3 eggs

– Some milk and double cream (I didn’t really measure it)

– Cheese (I used Emmental)

– Herbs and spices


How you do it:

Stick the crust in a round cake tray, pierce slightly with a fork. Sauté or blanch the veggies, throw in the soy, season with whatever spices you want. Put the filling in the crust. Mix the eggs, milk and double cream until it’s a bit foamy. Pour into the tray and cover with cheese. Place in a preheated oven (200°C) for 20-30 minutes. Bon appétit!

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