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Ciao blue!

1 Mar

Smurfs ahoi!

Let’s say I’m currently in a Blue Fase. And this CATRICE nailpolish puts the blue right up to the tips of my fingers.

One coat of CATRICE 400 “Blue Cara Ciao” is not enough for full coverage, but it’s ok.I like the brush, it’s not too big. The polish is a bit thicker than others, this makes it harder to work with. And messier.

Two coats of polish is blue perfection. This is a very bold colour for a nail polish, so it may not be for everyone. On the other hand, I think it would be a great one for nail art! Although I have not been that brave yet 😉

Have a bright, shiny, lovely day!



CATRICE – 400 Blue Cara Ciao

10 ml




Silver surfing

20 Feb

An interesting nail polish was recently added to my collection: Silver.

I went for the GOSH Silver (colour 555), which is not just an aluminum silver, but also has a nice sparkle to it. I thought there was NO WAY this would get me that GOSH cover-in-one-coat, but it did!

One coat is nearly perfect. Covers very well. In order to show both the silver polish ánd the sparkles, I got a pic with and one without flash.

See? Love it!

Two coats give absolutely perfect coverage.

So silver nails. Great! Or a big no no ?

GOSH – Silver (555)

An excellent fluff shaver

8 Feb

* A paper tissue hid in your washing and now your black dress pants have white fluff all over! *

You know the problem, right? We all have it 😉

Here’s (one of) my casualties. I use it as a ballet-short to put over tights, but yes, it is in fact underwear.

Not a pretty sight…


I stumbled upon this little gadget in the shops yesterday: “the fluff remover”

I remember my mom used to have one of these, to bring our uniform skirts back to life. And at €1,99 (Kruidvat), I just had to have my own fluff shaver.

And… works like a charm!

Excellent Electrics Fluff Remover


€ 1,99

works on 2 AA batteries

The pool party blues

13 Sep

This is a historic Nail Of The Day: no GOSH!

In honor of the grand tradition of breaking out of your comfort zone and trying something new, I bought some CATRICE nail polishes. The pricetag being less then half the GOSH-price, was a nice extra.

And I was a good girl for once, I even added a base coat of invisible HERÔME nail hardener!

So first things first, the STRONG hardener.

I’m not sure what the function or added value of the thin long tip is, but application went fairly well. My nails got a shiny finish, which turned matte after a few minutes. At €10,49 this is a pricey  folly, so I hope to see some serious “nail hardening” results. Herôme promises strong nails in 14 days, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


And then: CATRICE Pool Party At Night. The bottle seems to scream “GOSH knockoff” and so do the available colours. Love it. This poolparty features blue going on purple. Fairly light blue when seen in daylight, but a deep inky-blue when the lights go out.

Sadly, when applying a first coat I already longed for my usual brand. The thickness of Catrice just doesn’t cut it. I felt like I was painting my nails with actual paint. The silver lining on this cloud: you need only one coat of polish to get an opaque result.

In daylight


In the evening; artificial light

Seeing both pictures, I can hardly believe this is the same polish! I like variety and tiny prices, so I will be using this polish and brand again. BUT for me, it just doesn’t measure up to GOSH. And at that price, it’s not supposed to, so I’ll stop whining now. 🙂


HERÔME nail hardener “strong”

€10,49 for 10ml

CATRICE 410 Pool Party At Night

€2,49 for 10ml

I heart purple

17 Aug

I have to admit something, I love GOSH. And purple. And dark colours. So I bought this beauty.

Purple Heart is not really a summer colour, but in the bottle, i love it. It’s dark purple, with a touch of irridescent green, blue and grey.


One coat does not exactly give you cover. The colour looks like (how I imagine) sewage water to be, with a purple sparkle that is. Up to the next one!


Two coats bring out the purple shiny. The picture doesn’t really do the lacquer justice. With two coats, you get a nice dark purple. But applying the second coat turned out to be quite the challenge! The varnish is fairly thick and dries rapidly. Which is probably a good thing if you are a skilled professional in nail polish, but I’m not. So I kinda made a hot mess. Thank god for remover.


Since I bought this colour as a basecoat to carry my GOSH Gasoline in the first place, I decided to give this a shot. And I must say…LOVE it!


GOSH 550 Purple Heart

GOSH 541 Gasoline

€6,99 for 8ml

Divalicious nails

7 Aug

Time to put the diva to the test! I’m still not sure what I should call this colour, red, purple, pink, berry? It’s dark and mysterious, luscious, shimmery, sophisticated and all kinds of sexy.

One coat does not give a very even or covering result. Depending on the light being forgiving or not, IF aplied with a lot of care, one coat could work. Clearly, not for me.


Two coats of polish makes the lucious colour stand out and covers nearly perfect. But the light I had in this picture still shows some bumps and bruises.


So I did what I never do, apply a third coat. And what do I get?  Perfection.  Nothing less, except for the mani, but that’s hardly OPI’s fault.

Of course the storemanager told me to always apply a base- and topcoat, which I clearly didn’t. Maybe that’s why this time three’s a charm. I love this colour, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use it. Unless I learn to get it perfect in 2 coats. So, off to practice!


One day later: It seems to be impossible for me to stop staring at my nails. I just HAVE to check out the colour whenever I’m in an other room. LOVE it. That’s definitely worth applying up to 3 coats of polish. What was I thinking 🙂

O.P.I. Diva of Geneva

€13,95 for 15ml

The colour purple

31 Jul

I got “Wild Lilac“, a bright lavender/lilac-ish shade of GOSH nailpolish some time ago. I generally tend to pick nailpolishes with some sparklies, but these usually don’t offer the greatest coverage. So it was time to give this creamy purple a try!

And behold, almost full coverage with just one coat!


Two coats give you perfect coverage, with a paint-like finish.


GOSH 571 Wild Lilac

€6,99 for 8ml

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