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OPI Fall 2012: Germany

27 Mar

O.P.I. is releasing a “Germany collection” for fall 2012.

Here are the colours

(L to R)

My Very First Knockwurst  –  Don’t Pretzel My Buttons  –  Berlin There Done That  –  Dont Talk Bach to Me  –  Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!  –  Schnapps Out of It

Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs  –  Every Month is Oktoberfest  –  Unfor-greta-bly Blue  –  Deutche You Want Me Baby  –  Danke-Shiny Red  –  German-icure

Some of these are soooo not my taste (yellow! orange!) , but on the other hand, I love the reds / blue / purple.

Which ones do you love, loathe, like?

Are you getting some of these?


The story of OPI

22 Aug

We all love O.P.I., but did you know that it started out as a small family business? And that it used to be a dental products company? “Odontorium Products Inc” was founded in 1981 by George Schaeffer. Now it’s world’s leading professional nail care company. Good job!

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, “The First Lady of Nails” tells you all about it.

Read more about the story of OPI on this website.

Divalicious nails

7 Aug

Time to put the diva to the test! I’m still not sure what I should call this colour, red, purple, pink, berry? It’s dark and mysterious, luscious, shimmery, sophisticated and all kinds of sexy.

One coat does not give a very even or covering result. Depending on the light being forgiving or not, IF aplied with a lot of care, one coat could work. Clearly, not for me.


Two coats of polish makes the lucious colour stand out and covers nearly perfect. But the light I had in this picture still shows some bumps and bruises.


So I did what I never do, apply a third coat. And what do I get?  Perfection.  Nothing less, except for the mani, but that’s hardly OPI’s fault.

Of course the storemanager told me to always apply a base- and topcoat, which I clearly didn’t. Maybe that’s why this time three’s a charm. I love this colour, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use it. Unless I learn to get it perfect in 2 coats. So, off to practice!


One day later: It seems to be impossible for me to stop staring at my nails. I just HAVE to check out the colour whenever I’m in an other room. LOVE it. That’s definitely worth applying up to 3 coats of polish. What was I thinking 🙂

O.P.I. Diva of Geneva

€13,95 for 15ml

A Diva has entered the building

5 Aug

*WOOTwoot* I got my very first O.P.I. nailpolish!  Because of a Facebook action, I paid only half the usual price, so I got it for only €6,98. After MUCH considering and debate, I choose Diva of Geneva from the O.P.I. Swiss collection. Because who doesn’t want to be the Diva, right?  I also love the colour, “a vibrant pink-red that’s anything but neutral”. Want a product review? Coming soon!

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