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#2 Shoe Save

17 Mar

My second Shoe Save!

Just a very fast, slightly blurry (sorry!) picture of one of my favourite (and newest, I admit.) shoes.

These are my blue Noë’s. I know I know, this is about the 386743…th time I’m telling you about them, but they’re just so pretty ❤

Not an outfit post this time,I just teamed them up with a jeans-and-tshirt, nothing fancy. But considering I am sooo in love with them, there’s bound to be an outfit post starring these bluesies some day. Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggings, just you wait 😉


I got the blues

29 Jan

Not the “bad” blues, the good ones. Of the shoe kind!

Just a few posts ago, I talked about my quest for te perfect smurfblue shoes. And now I found them! On a haul in Brussels, I made my friends come with me to Ketch’Up, where they sell Noë shoes. That’s an amazing Belgian brand of shoes that come in a few different styles, and in about 80 colours. Heaven!

These are the ones that stole my heart

If you’re planning to get some of these great shoes, keep in mind that they are kinda narrow. So Ye Be Warned, get a size bigger than you would normally.

Happy shopping!


Wanted: smurfblue pumps

23 Jan

Since I saw Katy Perry’s outfit on the première of The Smurfs, I have been ogling the dress and craving the shoes.

It took me a while to get over myself, but now I’m seriously looking for smurf blue pumps. Or electric blue, whatever.

Not much succes yet, but I’m planning to go to Antwerp and look at the NOE shoes some time SOON. They’re bound to have some nice blue ones! It’s shoe heaven, seriously.

Here are some nice ones that I stumbled upon via Google.

But nothing too shiny or high 🙂

What are you currently looking for?

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