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The pool party blues

13 Sep

This is a historic Nail Of The Day: no GOSH!

In honor of the grand tradition of breaking out of your comfort zone and trying something new, I bought some CATRICE nail polishes. The pricetag being less then half the GOSH-price, was a nice extra.

And I was a good girl for once, I even added a base coat of invisible HERÔME nail hardener!

So first things first, the STRONG hardener.

I’m not sure what the function or added value of the thin long tip is, but application went fairly well. My nails got a shiny finish, which turned matte after a few minutes. At €10,49 this is a pricey  folly, so I hope to see some serious “nail hardening” results. Herôme promises strong nails in 14 days, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


And then: CATRICE Pool Party At Night. The bottle seems to scream “GOSH knockoff” and so do the available colours. Love it. This poolparty features blue going on purple. Fairly light blue when seen in daylight, but a deep inky-blue when the lights go out.

Sadly, when applying a first coat I already longed for my usual brand. The thickness of Catrice just doesn’t cut it. I felt like I was painting my nails with actual paint. The silver lining on this cloud: you need only one coat of polish to get an opaque result.

In daylight


In the evening; artificial light

Seeing both pictures, I can hardly believe this is the same polish! I like variety and tiny prices, so I will be using this polish and brand again. BUT for me, it just doesn’t measure up to GOSH. And at that price, it’s not supposed to, so I’ll stop whining now. 🙂


HERÔME nail hardener “strong”

€10,49 for 10ml

CATRICE 410 Pool Party At Night

€2,49 for 10ml

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