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#5 Shoe Save

23 Mar

My newest shoes, worn right away!

I got these from Torfs, with the Flair coupon (€15 instead of €49,99). They had them in 5 colours… So naturally I got them in taupe (well, more of a champaign – nude – kind of colour) as well!

So, Le Shoe Collection    …  + 2


Don’t Miz the Mooz

21 Mar

Anybody here does NOT know Miz Mooz?!

This amazing New York based shoe label is hard to ignore these days. Popping up in every shoe shop around here, the vibrant colours and big buttons outshine the rest of the shoes.

I came across some amazing Miz Mooz shoes, both online and in person.

Here’s a peek at the spring 2012 collection. And I must say, the winter 2011 collection was just as fab. Check them out!

All images belong to Miz Mooz

The Shoe project

13 Mar

I’m joining the one and only ShoeperWoman‘s “Shoeper Shoe Challenge“!

“Shoeperwoman challenges you to wear every pair of shoes you own within the space of a year – or lose them.”

It’s all about

* Wearing the shoes you have

* Getting rid of the ones you don’t use (don’t like, don’t fit you or your style anymore, are falling apart,…)

* Expanding your collection Knowing what is IN your shoe closet, in order to make informed decisions on whether or not you should really get those red/purple/blue/glitter/…  heels.


Wish me luck!

I’m off to count some shoes 🙂


Quick shoe fix

30 Aug

I absolutely LOVE my red heels. They are soooo pretty and comfortable, with a small heel that keeps you running around all day long without pain. The label says “IDEAL”, I found them at Appel’s. And at only €15, they came very cheap.

The catch? They’re not very durable. I’m a person that tends to destroy even very good and/or pricy shoes just by wearing them. So when these heels met the parking lot at work, it started.


The result?

So… ripped not-so-leather heel cover, lots of dents and the plastic tip is basically gone.

I needed to fix this, at least make them wearable again, because I am SO not ready to part with these great shoes.


The tools:

A free nailpolish that came with a magazine, needle and thread. All in a -somewhat- matching colour. Stitch any large loose pieces back together and finish with the polish.


And tadá:

Not perfect. But I never had any ambition to be a shoemaker anyway. The point is, I’ll be able to wear these a little longer! I will need to get the tips replaced anyhow, the right foot starts to sound kinda metalic. People start to stare at me when they hear me walking. :s


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