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Updo’s for (very) long hair

2 Aug

Long hair can be a challenge to create an updo with. If your hair is longer than regular “long” bra-strap length, most hairdressers will not know what to do with it, especially when banned from teasing and baking the hair. So they generally suggest cutting it or mess up trying to do the work anyway. After some bad experieces with different hairdressers, I started looking on the internet for ways to do it myself. Here are some inspirational tutorials, tips & tricks.

  • Roll updo by Abigail Goss, a girl with very long hair. This updo contains some great tricks you can always use seperatly.

I love the way you can just make a ponytail and take tiny strands of hair, twist them all the way up and pin them down. This does take some dexterity, but practice makes perfect.

  • French twisting her knee-length hair is no problem for Cinnamon Hair.  She promises this method also works on shorter tresses.

French twists apeal to me sooo much, but I can never seem to get it right. I don’t think my hair is too long or too thick, so there’s no good reason for me to always mess it up. But I still do. Well, I’ll give it another go sometime.

  • The Sock Bun, secret of the stars. To create a very large bun, you first need to make a sock-donut (or you can buy the donut-shape in a shop like Claire’s). Just cut the tip off a tube-sock and roll it to a donut-shape. If you want your bun to be insanely large and dramatic, or if you have thin hair, use legwarmers. Make a ponytail, put your hair through and around the donut, secure with an elastic, roll (or braid, for a chic effect – the Beyoncé way) the rest of your hair arount the base. Et voilá!

I have tried this AND gotten away with it. It’s an easy way to put up your hair in a formal way and you can decide for yourself how dramatic you want your bun to be. Dress it up with a (fake) braid around the base, a scrunchie, flowers or other hairtoys. The possibilities are endless.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s featured ever-elegant Audrey Hepburn with a 60’s updo and tiny short bangs. While I’m not a fan of the latter, I love her bun/roll. There are some different ways to attempt a style like this, with or without Bumpits, teasing and a lot of hairspray.


Good Hair

26 Jul

Black is beautiful, that’s what Chris Rock tries to teach his little girls in the documentary “Good Hair”. I first learned about this docu on Oprah.

Me being a white chick from a small town, I had no idea what extreme measures some black women take to get that long, glossy, straight hair they crave. Off course I knew about wigs, extensions and straigteners. I have seen “Beauty shop”. But this film from a black man’s point of view really left me gobsmacked.

Learn more about “Good Hair” on IMDB


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