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Quick shoe fix

30 Aug

I absolutely LOVE my red heels. They are soooo pretty and comfortable, with a small heel that keeps you running around all day long without pain. The label says “IDEAL”, I found them at Appel’s. And at only €15, they came very cheap.

The catch? They’re not very durable. I’m a person that tends to destroy even very good and/or pricy shoes just by wearing them. So when these heels met the parking lot at work, it started.


The result?

So… ripped not-so-leather heel cover, lots of dents and the plastic tip is basically gone.

I needed to fix this, at least make them wearable again, because I am SO not ready to part with these great shoes.


The tools:

A free nailpolish that came with a magazine, needle and thread. All in a -somewhat- matching colour. Stitch any large loose pieces back together and finish with the polish.


And tadá:

Not perfect. But I never had any ambition to be a shoemaker anyway. The point is, I’ll be able to wear these a little longer! I will need to get the tips replaced anyhow, the right foot starts to sound kinda metalic. People start to stare at me when they hear me walking. :s


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