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Homemade earrings

4 Aug

I love making my own earrings, but I usually don’t have the time or inspiration for it. Very sad. Every now and then I do succeed in making myself a pair. Which is kinda hard, because they need to be about 99% the same at least… so if you’re not feelin’ up for that, making a necklace or ring is probably the better bet.

This is my collection homemade earrings for now

The top half is genuine DIY, whilst the bottom half is mainly “stick those two existing things together, et voilĂ ”. Which works for me 🙂

Have a closer look:

Snowball / Red bow / Heels / Candy

Candy / Upcycled moviestars

Stars / Flower 1 / Flower 2 / Tinkerbell

Flower 1 / Flower 2 / Tinkerbell / Flower studs

Here’s a Youtube tutorial to make your own easy earrings

I don’t use 3 kinds of plyers, but just one, so that’s probably why my loops aren’t as nice. But that’s fine I guess.

My jewelry stand is a beauty like this one. It’s so elegant, displays up to 64 pairs of earrings and is just cute as hell! You may have noticed I’m still head over heels in love with this one, I got it from a Dutch webshop Capricci.nl. But you can find these just about everywhere now.

Have fun!

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