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Patty greens

17 Mar

On the verge of saying goodbye to Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s a celebration of all things green and emerald!


Bathing Beauty One Piece in Emerald – ModCloth

Dark Green Retro Maryjane Pumps – kaboodle

Emerald and diamond dangling earrings – angara.com

Emerald Forest Dress – modcloth

Emerald Honey Dress – miskonduct clothing

emerald neckles – allaboutemeralds.org

Evelyn Dress in Green Satin – Pinup Couture

Ladies Green Posie Medium Clutch Bag – Nica

Bettie Page Clothing 50s Sierra green keyhole pencil dress

O.P.I. Jade Is The New Black, Orly Wandering Vine, Essie Pretty Edgy

Feather False Bottle Green Lashes – eyelashesdirect.co.uk

Mikko Oversized Tote With Cross Strap – Yes Style


Fashion find: convertible dresses

7 Mar

Your closet is full, but you have nothing to wear. Sounds familiar?

These multi-functional wrap dresses just may be the answer. They generally come in a range of colours and/or fabrics. And with a manual 🙂

It’s like having 10-20 dresses in one!

Inspiration, incoming!

Victoria’s Secret

Sakura – Henkaa (red and blue)

Envie Me

Emami clothing “limitless”

Butter by Nadia


Radical Thread

A convertible dress that you can MAKE YOURSELF. Join the Flickr convertible dress group

Painting dresses

3 Mar

I was watching an old Sex And The City episode a while back and this scene just keeps popping up in my head. The fabulous “Closet Dress up Scene”

LOVE Charlotte’s Marilyn Monroe / Warhol / Pop-Art dress (1:23 in the video)! The legging… not so much 🙂

Google has some more wearable art, painting shoes and iconic trousers.


An other Warhol dress: Campbell’s soup!

Mondriaan-fan? Prepare to be spoiled! With a YSL Dress, Louis Vuitton handbag and Louboutin shoes. Also some nice heels that I found on Etsy and even a bra, made by Sapph. Fab! This very graphic print seems to be a great source of inspiration for designers.

Keith Haring!

An other favourite of mine: Escher!


And end it with a Scream. Munch!

Do you know of any other paintings-turned-clothes ? What’s your favourite?

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