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The need for shoes

28 Jul

A woman can never have enough shoes. They’re so pretty and stylish, they make you look so good, they’re so comfy… reasons enough!

Finally, a documentary is comming this way for all you shoe-fettishista’s out there. God Save My Shoes promises to give an insight into the relationship between woman and their shoes. And it shows some great shoe-closets.

So, how many shoes do you have? This Net-A-Porter video proves my bf I’m not thát bad. Yet.


Good Hair

26 Jul

Black is beautiful, that’s what Chris Rock tries to teach his little girls in the documentary “Good Hair”. I first learned about this docu on Oprah.

Me being a white chick from a small town, I had no idea what extreme measures some black women take to get that long, glossy, straight hair they crave. Off course I knew about wigs, extensions and straigteners. I have seen “Beauty shop”. But this film from a black man’s point of view really left me gobsmacked.

Learn more about “Good Hair” on IMDB


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