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“W” bankruptcy and outlet

18 Mar

Famous (and infamous) Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck filed his company “W” for bankruptcy some time ago. Moyersoen, a domestic and international broker in moveable goods is now putting the entire collection (and even the store decoration!) up for sale. Clothing includes designs by Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene, Sofie D’Hoore, Willhelm Bernhard, Mikio Sakabe, Bruno Pieters a.o.

You always wanted your very own Adam catsuit? Or a crocodile bag? Then act right now! Bidding for the items is possible from wednesday 14 march 2012 until friday 23 march 2012.

Here are some of the items:

I think it’s really sad to see these clothes up for bidding, but who in their right mind would pay € 500 for a plain black sweater?



Fashion find: convertible dresses

7 Mar

Your closet is full, but you have nothing to wear. Sounds familiar?

These multi-functional wrap dresses just may be the answer. They generally come in a range of colours and/or fabrics. And with a manual 🙂

It’s like having 10-20 dresses in one!

Inspiration, incoming!

Victoria’s Secret

Sakura – Henkaa (red and blue)

Envie Me

Emami clothing “limitless”

Butter by Nadia


Radical Thread

A convertible dress that you can MAKE YOURSELF. Join the Flickr convertible dress group

Painting dresses

3 Mar

I was watching an old Sex And The City episode a while back and this scene just keeps popping up in my head. The fabulous “Closet Dress up Scene”

LOVE Charlotte’s Marilyn Monroe / Warhol / Pop-Art dress (1:23 in the video)! The legging… not so much 🙂

Google has some more wearable art, painting shoes and iconic trousers.


An other Warhol dress: Campbell’s soup!

Mondriaan-fan? Prepare to be spoiled! With a YSL Dress, Louis Vuitton handbag and Louboutin shoes. Also some nice heels that I found on Etsy and even a bra, made by Sapph. Fab! This very graphic print seems to be a great source of inspiration for designers.

Keith Haring!

An other favourite of mine: Escher!


And end it with a Scream. Munch!

Do you know of any other paintings-turned-clothes ? What’s your favourite?

So retro

23 Feb

I’m adoring retro / rockabilly style dresses for the moment. But so many pretties to choose from!

Here are some of the ones I want

So many dresses, so little time 🙂

You can find these lovelies right here:












Blow your nose in style

10 Aug

These are just the cutest little Kleenex packages! Check out the snow leopard (or is it a black giraffe?), the hearts (that I put upside-down, oops), the heels. These are part of the Kleenex Collection.

“Kleenex® Collection Pocket Packs are trendy designed pocket tissues in a compact format – perfect for handbags!”  is what they say at Kleenex.

The only problem? The tissues are just, boring, plain white.

DIY shoes

24 Jul

Crafting and customizing your very own fashionable shoes? Heel Condoms made DIY as easy as ABC , but it is possible to actually Do It Yourself. From simply decorating and adding bling to a pump, right up to crafting the basic shoe structure. United Nude already presented Moon Life, a shoe that comes in a flat package ready for you to assemble and wear, with interchangeable uppers to customize the look. Israeli Sharon Golan took it to the next level and developed a DIY shoe consisting of 2 elastic bands and 4 pieces of plastic, that together can be turned into up to 256 different “shoes”. Easy to store and cheap? Yes. Elegant and comfortable? Not so much.

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