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#3 Shoe Save

18 Mar

My “Minnie Mouse Shoes”!

Red/white polkadotted, easy to put on/kick off, sturdy enough to roam the streets with, and oh so cute. These are some of my favourite summer/holiday ballerina flats. And the only pair of ballerina flats I have (not counting my actual ballerina slippers) ! And they were cheap, but I’m so happy I got them.

Ballerina flats red/white dots – (some really cheap shop, like) Zeeman or Wibra

Red pants – Appel’s

Blue stars, elves and bling tshirt – Pimkie

4 “pearl” bracelets – Accessoires by M&S


The Shoe project

13 Mar

I’m joining the one and only ShoeperWoman‘s “Shoeper Shoe Challenge“!

“Shoeperwoman challenges you to wear every pair of shoes you own within the space of a year – or lose them.”

It’s all about

* Wearing the shoes you have

* Getting rid of the ones you don’t use (don’t like, don’t fit you or your style anymore, are falling apart,…)

* Expanding your collection Knowing what is IN your shoe closet, in order to make informed decisions on whether or not you should really get those red/purple/blue/glitter/…  heels.


Wish me luck!

I’m off to count some shoes 🙂


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