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Spot the smile

13 Apr

A big part of your look and how you come across, comes down to confidence.

Feeling good about yourself is the main accessory!

Do you often feel insecure? Play some games!

Researchers from the Department of Psychology of McGill University (Canada) came up with these online “self-esteem games“, which are designed to break negative thought patterns.

“Imagine you could play a computer game for five minutes each morning that would help you feel more secure and confident in yourself. Our research shows that people may be able to change the negative thought patterns that sometimes produce insecurity. We are now examining whether over time, with practice, people can develop positive, beneficial habits of thought to help them become more secure and self-confident on a long term basis — whether in the context of their working life, their personal relationships, or their overall sense of well being. Beginning in 2006, these games are being developed and marketed by MindHabits Inc.”

Are you ready to grow your confidence by playing Eyespy, Grow Your Chi or Wham just 5 minutes a day?

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So, does it actually work? I have no clue, but it sure is funny! And worth a try 🙂




Patty greens

17 Mar

On the verge of saying goodbye to Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s a celebration of all things green and emerald!


Bathing Beauty One Piece in Emerald – ModCloth

Dark Green Retro Maryjane Pumps – kaboodle

Emerald and diamond dangling earrings –

Emerald Forest Dress – modcloth

Emerald Honey Dress – miskonduct clothing

emerald neckles –

Evelyn Dress in Green Satin – Pinup Couture

Ladies Green Posie Medium Clutch Bag – Nica

Bettie Page Clothing 50s Sierra green keyhole pencil dress

O.P.I. Jade Is The New Black, Orly Wandering Vine, Essie Pretty Edgy

Feather False Bottle Green Lashes –

Mikko Oversized Tote With Cross Strap – Yes Style

So retro

23 Feb

I’m adoring retro / rockabilly style dresses for the moment. But so many pretties to choose from!

Here are some of the ones I want

So many dresses, so little time 🙂

You can find these lovelies right here:

Catwalk fall

19 Feb

Winter is not coming, it’s here. And it brought snow. Lovely, but treacherous and slippery. Did you fall down on your butt these past few days or weeks? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Of course, these models are walking in mile high heels and on treacherous runways. Cudos to them! But for us normal people, cobblestones and wet marble are an equally big challenge.

So if you fall down flat on your face, do it with grace!

And stand back up with a big smile, like this Zac Posen model


Your inner ballerina

3 Nov

First position, pink tutu’s, satin slippers, pliĂ©, Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky, tendu…

Ballet is so stylish and good for your figure. And since Black Swan, it’s all the rage again!

I used to take ballet when I was little. And this trimester, I decided to put on my tutu again. We didn’t have class this week because of vacation, so I browsed Youtube to find some ballet class- and dreammaterial.

Here’s some of the videos I found. Enjoy!



Ballet class

Dancescenes “Adult ballet dvd” series is a great workout. They have plies, battement tendus, battement glisses, stretches and more. Good stuff.


tells you how to do stretches. But warm up first!


has some great tips to improve your flexibility. Not only for cheerleading. Now, I just wish I could do this.


Dream on

The Anaheim ballet Youtube channel is really a must-see. So go watch it!


This is how pointe shoes are (un)made. I never danced on pointes. When is it too late to start?

I don’t care that she didn’t do all of the ballet scenes, you can’t expect anybody to become a professional ballerina in just a year. Kudos to Natalie, Mila and Sarah Lane.

Updo’s for (very) long hair

2 Aug

Long hair can be a challenge to create an updo with. If your hair is longer than regular “long” bra-strap length, most hairdressers will not know what to do with it, especially when banned from teasing and baking the hair. So they generally suggest cutting it or mess up trying to do the work anyway. After some bad experieces with different hairdressers, I started looking on the internet for ways to do it myself. Here are some inspirational tutorials, tips & tricks.

  • Roll updo by Abigail Goss, a girl with very long hair. This updo contains some great tricks you can always use seperatly.

I love the way you can just make a ponytail and take tiny strands of hair, twist them all the way up and pin them down. This does take some dexterity, but practice makes perfect.

  • French twisting her knee-length hair is no problem for Cinnamon Hair.  She promises this method also works on shorter tresses.

French twists apeal to me sooo much, but I can never seem to get it right. I don’t think my hair is too long or too thick, so there’s no good reason for me to always mess it up. But I still do. Well, I’ll give it another go sometime.

  • The Sock Bun, secret of the stars. To create a very large bun, you first need to make a sock-donut (or you can buy the donut-shape in a shop like Claire’s). Just cut the tip off a tube-sock and roll it to a donut-shape. If you want your bun to be insanely large and dramatic, or if you have thin hair, use legwarmers. Make a ponytail, put your hair through and around the donut, secure with an elastic, roll (or braid, for a chic effect – the BeyoncĂ© way) the rest of your hair arount the base. Et voilá!

I have tried this AND gotten away with it. It’s an easy way to put up your hair in a formal way and you can decide for yourself how dramatic you want your bun to be. Dress it up with a (fake) braid around the base, a scrunchie, flowers or other hairtoys. The possibilities are endless.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s featured ever-elegant Audrey Hepburn with a 60’s updo and tiny short bangs. While I’m not a fan of the latter, I love her bun/roll. There are some different ways to attempt a style like this, with or without Bumpits, teasing and a lot of hairspray.

Dress like Blair

27 Jul

Blair Waldorf is classy, sassy and spoiled. Gossip Girls all over the world love her for it. Dressing like Blair? Keep these things in mind:

  • Do the uniform thing: blazers, preppy skirt, white blouses, navy, plaid skirts, tie or bow, knee socks.
  • The headband is the crown: big, tiny, red, tartan, bow, flower, lace,… anything goes!
  • Colour: blue and yellow, hot red, a splash of pink, electric green. Colour blocking “hooray!”, but never let it overpower the outfit.
  • Girly: bows, flowers, pink, diamonds. Blair wears a lot of socks and tights, but trousers? Never!

Will she keep this up in the fifth season?

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