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The Shoes… The book!

14 Apr

After The Shoes, now there’s The Book.


“Renowned and adored by the fashion world for his exquisitely crafted shoes and dizzyingly high stilettos, Christian Louboutin is in a league of his own. Delving into the designer’s imagination, this beautiful tome – created to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary – contains over 300 pages of stunning photography, inspiration, biographic detail and even some pop-up art. Featuring a fold-out cover and with exclusive insight into his personal archives, this is a real collector’s item that will look fabulous on your coffee table or as a gift.”


Now available, at net-a-porter


#7 Shoe Save

1 Apr

Finally, some sun!

I wore my TEVA’s a few times these days and last week, when the weather was nice. Trips to the park, reading on a picnik blanket, listening to music in the sun … good times. In this piccie it was a bit chillie again, so wearing more than just a tank top and linnen skirt 🙂

#6 Shoe Save

23 Mar

I wear my worn out Sacha boots every so often, this is the 2nd ‘go to’ pair of boots. So I technically saved them a few times allready, but never got round to taking a picture with them. ‘Cause you know, I usually throw these on when I have NO time.

#5 Shoe Save

23 Mar

My newest shoes, worn right away!

I got these from Torfs, with the Flair coupon (€15 instead of €49,99). They had them in 5 colours… So naturally I got them in taupe (well, more of a champaign – nude – kind of colour) as well!

So, Le Shoe Collection    …  + 2

Don’t Miz the Mooz

21 Mar

Anybody here does NOT know Miz Mooz?!

This amazing New York based shoe label is hard to ignore these days. Popping up in every shoe shop around here, the vibrant colours and big buttons outshine the rest of the shoes.

I came across some amazing Miz Mooz shoes, both online and in person.

Here’s a peek at the spring 2012 collection. And I must say, the winter 2011 collection was just as fab. Check them out!

All images belong to Miz Mooz

#4 Shoe Save

19 Mar

Today’s Shoe Save!

My trusty (not so old) boots from Torfs. One of my two pairs of ‘go to’ boots I usually step right into when I have to run to get somewhere on time. They go with everything ❤

My dancing shoes

19 Mar

I know, I know, I should NOT buy any more expensive shoes right now… But these are “special purpose” shoes!  (Good excuse, right?) So I got them, for € 90.

I’m planning to wear these PortDance shoes with the strap over the foot (and attached under the sole), for extra support.

I’m a dancer, and I usually dance barefoot or in ballerina flats. But, my ladies of the dancetroupe and me had the great idea of creating a dance involving short dresses, dance heels and glitter boa’s…

Don’t ask 🙂


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