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Not only nude

18 Apr

At my parents place, I discovered this “Only You” nail polish.

It’s colour number 149. I don’t know if it has a catchy name to go with that, it doesn’t say so on the bottle (which is pretty old I guess). ONLY YOU is a brand that you can buy at the Ici Paris stores.

This one is a nude polish, with a gold undertone. Gold is usually not my kind of colour, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

The polish is fairly transparent, so even with 3 layers, you can still see the natural nail shining through. The nude tone is nice, which I didn’t really expect, to be honest. But the yellow shine is not my thing. I guess it makes me think of icky yellow smoker-nails. So this one is staying right where it is, but I can see me getting a nice nude polish (ESSIE maybe?) sometime in the future.

Stay tuned!

ONLY YOU – 149

10 ml – by Ici Paris XL


Got you wrapped

2 Apr

I was a good girl… for a while. But then there was a discount on CATRICE nail polishes, and I just HAD TO get a few ūüôā

So, here’s the first of my newbies; CATRICE “Wrapped Around My Finger”.

That’s not only a cool name for a polis, but it’s a very pretty colour as well. Dark fuchsia ftw!


One layer is almost perfect coverage, nice!

Two coats is amazing. And so summery! I feel like eating raspberries now ūüôā

CATRICE – Wrapped Around My Finger (190)


OPI Fall 2012: Germany

27 Mar

O.P.I. is releasing a “Germany collection” for fall 2012.

Here are the colours

(L to R)

My Very First Knockwurst¬† –¬† Don‚Äôt Pretzel My Buttons¬† –¬† Berlin There Done That¬† –¬† Dont Talk Bach to Me¬† –¬† Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!¬† –¬† Schnapps Out of It

Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs¬† –¬† Every Month is Oktoberfest¬† –¬† Unfor-greta-bly Blue¬† –¬† Deutche You Want Me Baby¬† –¬† Danke-Shiny Red¬† –¬† German-icure

Some of these are soooo not my taste (yellow! orange!) , but on the other hand, I love the reds / blue / purple.

Which ones do you love, loathe, like?

Are you getting some of these?

Mauve to Berry nails

14 Mar

I tried some ombre nails. Or just multicoloured? Whatever. It’s fun ūüôā

From Misty Mauve, to Berry Me. Here we go!



The nail polishes I used are

GOSH – Berry Me (008)

GOSH – Gasoline (541)

PARIS memories – #278

GOSH – Wild Lilac (571)

GOSH – Misty Mauve (002)


Only the Gasoline has some shimmer, so afterwards, I decided to add a splash of Gasoline over the other shades. This ties it all together, but also diminishes the difference between the colours.




Ciao blue!

1 Mar

Smurfs ahoi!

Let’s say I’m currently in a Blue Fase. And this CATRICE nailpolish puts the blue right up to the tips of my fingers.

One coat of CATRICE 400 “Blue Cara Ciao” is not enough for full coverage, but it’s ok.I like the brush, it’s not too big. The polish is a bit thicker than others, this makes it harder to work with. And messier.

Two coats of polish is blue perfection. This is a very bold colour for a nail polish, so it may not be for everyone. On the other hand, I think it would be a great one for nail art! Although I have not been that brave yet ūüėČ

Have a bright, shiny, lovely day!



CATRICE – 400 Blue Cara Ciao

10 ml



Silver surfing

20 Feb

An interesting nail polish was recently added to my collection: Silver.

I went for the GOSH Silver (colour 555), which is not just an aluminum silver, but also has a nice sparkle to it. I thought there was NO WAY this would get me that GOSH cover-in-one-coat, but it did!

One coat is nearly perfect. Covers very well. In order to show both the silver polish √°nd the sparkles, I got a pic with and one without flash.

See? Love it!

Two coats give absolutely perfect coverage.

So silver nails. Great! Or a big no no ?

GOSH – Silver (555)

Essie spring

6 Feb

Spring 2012 will be neon meets pastel.

Whether you choose one or the other, or combine trends, completing your look with the right nailpolish is an absolute must.

ESSIE spring 2012 presents 6 colours: 3 neons and 3 pastels.

  • “Navigate her”¬†¬† new growth green
  • “A crewed interest”¬†¬† pretty pursuable peach
  • “Ol√© caliente”¬† ¬†spicy scarlet fever
  • “Orange, it‚Äôs obvious!”¬†¬† headstrong outspoken orange
  • “To buy or not to buy”¬†¬† limitless lilac shimmer
  • “Tour de finance”¬†¬† incandescent fuchsia futures

I like “to buy or not to buy” and “tour de finance”. Not a big fan of “navigate her”, but that’s just me. I’m not¬†that into green nails.

What’s on you wishlist?


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