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10 Jun

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On the move

1 Jun

So, after a little radio silence, I have an exciting announcement to make:

we are getting ready for THE MOVE

That’s right folks, I am moving the website to another server! In the proces, I’m also changing the name of the website, so keep a close eye on the new crib: LAANKI.COM

Be sure to change your bookmarks and links to the new website, ’cause this one will probably not be updated anymore.  And please, bear with me for a moment, while I fiddle around with the new possibilities ^^

See you on !


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Spot the smile

13 Apr

A big part of your look and how you come across, comes down to confidence.

Feeling good about yourself is the main accessory!

Do you often feel insecure? Play some games!

Researchers from the Department of Psychology of McGill University (Canada) came up with these online “self-esteem games“, which are designed to break negative thought patterns.

“Imagine you could play a computer game for five minutes each morning that would help you feel more secure and confident in yourself. Our research shows that people may be able to change the negative thought patterns that sometimes produce insecurity. We are now examining whether over time, with practice, people can develop positive, beneficial habits of thought to help them become more secure and self-confident on a long term basis — whether in the context of their working life, their personal relationships, or their overall sense of well being. Beginning in 2006, these games are being developed and marketed by MindHabits Inc.”

Are you ready to grow your confidence by playing Eyespy, Grow Your Chi or Wham just 5 minutes a day?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, does it actually work? I have no clue, but it sure is funny! And worth a try 🙂



OPI Fall 2012: Germany

27 Mar

O.P.I. is releasing a “Germany collection” for fall 2012.

Here are the colours

(L to R)

My Very First Knockwurst  –  Don’t Pretzel My Buttons  –  Berlin There Done That  –  Dont Talk Bach to Me  –  Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!  –  Schnapps Out of It

Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs  –  Every Month is Oktoberfest  –  Unfor-greta-bly Blue  –  Deutche You Want Me Baby  –  Danke-Shiny Red  –  German-icure

Some of these are soooo not my taste (yellow! orange!) , but on the other hand, I love the reds / blue / purple.

Which ones do you love, loathe, like?

Are you getting some of these?

Awaiting Girls

23 Mar

I’m a huge fan of all girly shows on tv. “Sex and the city”, “Gossip Girl”, “Gilmore Girls”, … bring it on!

So you can imagine I’m eagerly waiting for the first episode of “Girls”, HBO’s newest show, written & directed by & starring Lena Dunham (known for her -award winning- film “Tiny Furniture”).

It’s supposed te be like “the anti-SATC”; a show about twentysomethings living in New York, looking for love, friendship, a job and having sex. Awkward sex. So a lot like SATC, but the characters are younger, even more clueless and minus the glamour and Loubies (sadly).

“Real female friendships, the angst of emerging adulthood, nuanced relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, body image, intimacy in a tech-savvy world that promotes distance, the bloodlust of surviving New York on very little money and the modern parenting of entitled children, among many other things – all laced together with humor and poignancy” (Says the

Sunday april 15th, please come quickly 🙂

My dancing shoes

19 Mar

I know, I know, I should NOT buy any more expensive shoes right now… But these are “special purpose” shoes!  (Good excuse, right?) So I got them, for € 90.

I’m planning to wear these PortDance shoes with the strap over the foot (and attached under the sole), for extra support.

I’m a dancer, and I usually dance barefoot or in ballerina flats. But, my ladies of the dancetroupe and me had the great idea of creating a dance involving short dresses, dance heels and glitter boa’s…

Don’t ask 🙂


“W” bankruptcy and outlet

18 Mar

Famous (and infamous) Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck filed his company “W” for bankruptcy some time ago. Moyersoen, a domestic and international broker in moveable goods is now putting the entire collection (and even the store decoration!) up for sale. Clothing includes designs by Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene, Sofie D’Hoore, Willhelm Bernhard, Mikio Sakabe, Bruno Pieters a.o.

You always wanted your very own Adam catsuit? Or a crocodile bag? Then act right now! Bidding for the items is possible from wednesday 14 march 2012 until friday 23 march 2012.

Here are some of the items:

I think it’s really sad to see these clothes up for bidding, but who in their right mind would pay € 500 for a plain black sweater?


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