Your inner ballerina

3 Nov

First position, pink tutu’s, satin slippers, plié, Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky, tendu…

Ballet is so stylish and good for your figure. And since Black Swan, it’s all the rage again!

I used to take ballet when I was little. And this trimester, I decided to put on my tutu again. We didn’t have class this week because of vacation, so I browsed Youtube to find some ballet class- and dreammaterial.

Here’s some of the videos I found. Enjoy!



Ballet class

Dancescenes “Adult ballet dvd” series is a great workout. They have plies, battement tendus, battement glisses, stretches and more. Good stuff.


tells you how to do stretches. But warm up first!


has some great tips to improve your flexibility. Not only for cheerleading. Now, I just wish I could do this.


Dream on

The Anaheim ballet Youtube channel is really a must-see. So go watch it!


This is how pointe shoes are (un)made. I never danced on pointes. When is it too late to start?

I don’t care that she didn’t do all of the ballet scenes, you can’t expect anybody to become a professional ballerina in just a year. Kudos to Natalie, Mila and Sarah Lane.


One Response to “Your inner ballerina”

  1. Edita Lozovska November 8, 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    That’s what I was thinking as well, people can’t become ballet dancers in a month, and in my opinion Natalie & Mila did their best. Their acting was believable, their dance, very good for beginners. I personally was very impressed. Great post!

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