The perfume quest

21 Sep

My favourite perfume (well ok, eau de toilette, actually) is no more.

Some time ago, after much searching and sniffing, and with a little help, I finally found THE PERFECT PERFUME. For me, that was Hugo Boss Intense.

(image via Google)

But since a while, it’s been taken out of the shops. Drama!

I have tried a few searches to find a new perfume/eau de toilette for daily wear, but I tend to get completely nauseous and headachy. So I need your tips and tricks! If any of you knew the late Intense and know of a similar scent, please tell me.

I also like Noa, Eternity Moment, Miracle and the Lolita Lempicka perfume (but not every day, cause it’s really heavy). These are great, but just not perfect for my daily wear.

What’s your favourite perfume?

Do you wear the same one every day or do you have loads?

How do you shop for a new scent?



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