Cupcake lesson ONE

12 Sep

Wow, seems like my last blogpost dates back a few ages. I have been superbusy: moving, changing jobs and organising an event… I did manage to get some very purrrrdy nailpolishes (GOSH! CATRICE!) to try out and review. And some other stuff that you will see passing by. Some day. When I get to it.

But first I just need to brag a little bit with my accomplishment of tonight.

I went to my very first cupcake-lesson! My classmates and myself colored decorating fondant, rolled it, pushed out nice shapes with a cookie cutter and started some serious decorating. The brave ones (yes, myself included) ended up doing elaborate sculptures.

So, Tadaaaa!

From left (under) to right (upper), in order of construction:

Starry night, birthday crown, pink/yellow flower, yellow flowers, pacman and friends, cat and mouse

The ones on the left are beginner work, not much to say about that. I actually ate the crown cupcake the second I came home, just to get it out of my sight.

The flowers are both pretty and elegant. And fairly easy to make. I LOVE the leaves, those are made with an aid (that I need to get for myself).

Both DIY cupcakes on the right took some time to make. Especially when the fondant started sticking to my fingers. But I do love my Pacman and kittycat! I’m not sure I will be able to eat them. Enjoy!

Are you a fan of decorating cupcakes, even now the general cupcake craze has cooled down a bit?

Are you able to eat them after you spend so much time and work on them?

Tell me!

Xoxo, your domestic goddess.


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