Divalicious nails

7 Aug

Time to put the diva to the test! I’m still not sure what I should call this colour, red, purple, pink, berry? It’s dark and mysterious, luscious, shimmery, sophisticated and all kinds of sexy.

One coat does not give a very even or covering result. Depending on the light being forgiving or not, IF aplied with a lot of care, one coat could work. Clearly, not for me.


Two coats of polish makes the lucious colour stand out and covers nearly perfect. But the light I had in this picture still shows some bumps and bruises.


So I did what I never do, apply a third coat. And what do I get?  Perfection.  Nothing less, except for the mani, but that’s hardly OPI’s fault.

Of course the storemanager told me to always apply a base- and topcoat, which I clearly didn’t. Maybe that’s why this time three’s a charm. I love this colour, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use it. Unless I learn to get it perfect in 2 coats. So, off to practice!


One day later: It seems to be impossible for me to stop staring at my nails. I just HAVE to check out the colour whenever I’m in an other room. LOVE it. That’s definitely worth applying up to 3 coats of polish. What was I thinking 🙂

O.P.I. Diva of Geneva

€13,95 for 15ml


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